Easy & Customisable Augmented Reality

Visualise your models and accelerate your workflow with this new innovative AR solution.

PreviewAR is a new, simple way to view and interact with your modelled and textured files in Augmented Reality. Currently supporting .obj, .dae, .fbx and .3ds files, PreviewAR can import files from cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive, and display them in your surrounding environment on your iOS device.

There are an increasing number of ways that PreviewAR can be used throughout a variety of industries. Current uses of the platform include:

  • Fast-tracking the prototyping phase for studio pre-visualisation
  • Easily inspecting and reviewing assets for custom VR/AR content
  • Real-world scale previews of construction projects on-site
  • Displaying VFX characters or elements while supervising on-set.
  • Available for

    iPhone and iPad

    Compatible with either device, you can take the PreviewAR experience with you anywhere. Use the larger display of the iPad when you're on-set for many to see, or make the most of the iPhone's portability if you want to check your modelling and texture work in the studio.


    The core functions that make your AR experience effortless

    Any .obj file

    Import your own .obj file and experience it in your surroundings with AR. Select from a range of colours to texture your model, or upload a single .jpg texture map to see your model in all its glory.

    HUD Controls

    While the HUD provides valuable statistics, it can also be used to quickly change the opacity or specularity of the model, or take a screenshot / screen recording for sharing.

    Powerful AR

    Built on Apple's ARKit framework, PreviewAR tracks your object's location like no other single-camera system, maintaining its position when the camera is pointed away or even experiencing heavy motion blur.

    Real World Scale

    While you're loading up your asset, the app is calculating the real world scale of the scene, allowing you to place your object at its natural size within the environment.

    More Features

    Refined asset control, intuitive gestures, alerts and more

    Files From The Cloud

    PreviewAR supports loading files from the new Files app in iOS 11, which means you can bring in files from your favourite Cloud providers. The files get stored locally, so you can use them even if you're offline!

    Hide the HUD

    For a truly full-screen AR experience, simply swipe down on the HUD once you've loaded in a model. It can be brought back with a single swipe up.

    Custom Sizing

    The import screen gives you ultimate control over the initial scale of your model. Change the units of measurements to suit to file's units, or just specify a new static height and let the real world scale do the rest!

    Custom Textures

    Instead of plain colours or a single diffuse texture, PreviewAR now supports multiple texture files using a single MTL file.

    Scale and Rotate

    During you AR session, you can move and rotate the model using standard gestures. If you've enabled it in the Settings, you can also pinch to scale the model to suit your environment. The HUD will even give you the new size!

    Session Warnings

    If you're in the middle of viewing your model, PreviewAR will ask for confirmation before you Reset or try and go back to the Settings screen to make sure you don't accidentally leave your session! You'll also get helpful hints and tips for placing objects or setting up the environment.

    Get in touch

    If you've got any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!